No More Sus Music! by Jj King

art creativity culture entertainnment film music social media Nov 10, 2020

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Issa whole curated vibe behind the movement!

Find new jams with kingdom based lyrics, dope tracks, & relevant voices. This ain't your mama's church music. The only choir on the list belongs to Kanye', on God. 

Believer's literally have the Holy Spirit: the Creator and power behind all things living on the inside of us. There is no excuse for us to not be innovators of amazing music (and media as a whole, to be honest). Why should the world get all the yummy sounds, visuals & fashions? We should be the trend-setters, not the other way around.  Although, not unwarranted, God-centric music/culture has gotten a pretty bad wrap. We tend to be dated,  cheesy, and disingenuous, it's a total drag, and mad embarrassing, real talk. 

A large majority of music written for Believer's is double wack, and we here at KCU want to help you find the gems as much as we can, and encourage a generation to stretch out and give us some more! (Hence, our incredibly dope Spotify jawn). 

Don't get it twisted, We are thankful for the Kanye's, Mali Music's, Tye Tribbett's, KB's, Erin & Eris', and so on...Yet, we also know that God has placed a seed of brilliance in many other folks who are sitting on it, thinking that nobody wants to hear it, and are trying desperately to compromise with the world's standards, dumbing down their calling and purpose, when there's a whole market and demographic hungry for your gift. Bro, sis...we NEED YOU! Go create it, share your gifts and talents with us. We need your voice and perspective, tell your authentic stories and sing your organic songs. We are here for it all! Do it for the culture! 

We will be providing album, film, fashion, and know, culture reviews for Kingdom citizens soon. So please feel free to send anything you would like us to consider to [email protected]

In the meantime, follow, heart, and share our playlist. We will most def keep the hotness coming!